Gain More Independence and A Better Quality of Life with the ezEnabler™ assistive device for wheelchairs & walkers! The system is lightweight, durable and most importantly, portable!

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My Story

Hello, my name is Matt Elflein.  A few years ago I had a diving accident.  After many months of rehabilitation, I was able to go home and live on my own, albeit, a quadriplegic in a wheelchair.  It wasn’t easy.  My daily mantra was and still is ‘I’ll find a way’.

Although most restaurants, stores, stadiums, virtually everywhere, are more than accommodating to wheelchair users, I quickly learned that since my arms were needed for ‘walking’, my lap or between my knees became my only place to hold anything - a real dilemma when trying to balance food, packages & beverages.

I looked around for a portable table-top that could help me and found nothing. I played 
around with some ideas and finally came up with a clamp and pole system that I could put a tray-top on.  The clamp was within the width of my wheels and is secured to the frame.  The tray-top, cup holder and poles can easily be removed and carried in my backpack on my chair. 

Over the last year, I have worked diligently to bring my invention to the public.  The final patent-pending product is durable, lightweight, and most of all, portable.  We used only the highest quality materials and have packaged it with its own carrying bag. 

I use my CP1000 & TC1000 for just about everything.  Whether it’s going out to shop, the movies, theater, restaurants, doing laundry, cooking, eating, working on my laptop – it gives me a much needed ‘extra’ arm.  I hope you find it as helpful as I do.

As the tagline reads ‘Meet life’s challenges’ and my challenges are mostly just living a normal life like everyone else.